What does people think about life?
I’ve seen so many people… they were rushing, seeking for life and try to survive. But what have they ever do for life? They always think how to be the best, maybe that’s why they called human race. How can death take us all and wipe out our entire life? Is it only soul that were taken? Or is it something else like… Memories? Will we forget our role play in this game life?
Time will answer that and we will know the truth of being fooled by the death. This life sometimes took control of us, so we are following it. But the fact is we need to create life and we’ll rule it forever. And then again, what is people searching and looking for?
Happiness in life… that is what people searching for.
Diana, is what I’m looking for… Coz she is my source of happiness… :).
Nite there… :).



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