Hi Blog, how are thou?

Here, unstarry night, my breath was undertaken by someone’s photos :). She’s in Bali now and she’s awesome. I know that I got the right one since beginning :).
What a tiring day, I’ve been in a lot works till extra time today. Been home in only about two hours ago.
It’s been a while since I wrote back then. Yes, a feeling caught me off guard. I miss someone here… :(. Can’t help myself to always look at her instagram and miss her at worst. Bali is a lucky island and I bet it’s best time now to have her there. She’s totally an angel. She’s my vanilla and I can’t wait to ask something to her parents, and you know that :).

Macchiato (do I spell it right? :p)…
June 6, 2011… best lifetime ever.


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