Dear Diana,

Today is your birthday and I don’t think you will read this today..

Hmm… selamat ulang tahun ya sayang, aku tau kalo aku cheesy dan lebay banget kalo mengesankan sesuatu ke dalam kata-kata, tapi aku jujur, ngga bisa bohong, apalagi kalo cerita tentang kamu :).


You’re the only person who makes me believe that there will be a light to those who always prays for it.

You are the one that shows me for a true love and happiness….

Hufff… I almost get killed when I’m so tired of the world, but you’re giving me so much spirit to live and to love :).

You are more than enough for me, you’re the best, more than I can imagine and pray, so that I want to be married with you and live forever happy ever after.

Now… it’s your lovely birthday and I hate that I can’t be there to greet you when you woke up. Happy birthday dear, you’re 26 now… you’re turning into a wise beautiful woman. Hey, you’re still the best until time and our soul’s existence still.

Diana, I love you…. so damn much…




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