Until Nothing Do Us Apart

Happy, sad, exhausted… are they what I’m feeling right now? Well I guess I just can’t wait to see you, that’s definitely happy. Sad… it’s because when you come back here, you have to live in a rent room, not even my home. I feel exhausted about my next career and I know I will be more busy than ever. But I will never give up. I know that I have to fight about our future and the happiness won’t last without hardworking. My dream is… always to have a honeymoon in our days… We’ll visit the most romantic places in the world. We’re gonna stay up late in Milan, have a dinner under the Eiffel Tower in Paris before take our Gondola to sail around the Venezia. We’ll find a hidden cove at the Hawaii beach, right after we woke up in a hotel in Salzburg. But we’re gonna chill up a bit by skiing at the top of Alpen mountain. Then we end the tour back to Rome and we’ll dancing at the moonlight near the love fountain :). It’s all about you… Diana.
Be my wife… be mine forever..

mas Adith



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