Star Gazing

I was a lame kid who use to got off the bed at midnight and climb into a rooftop. I like to do a star gazing and pretend that I’m an airplane that can touch one of the bright stars.

My mom said there will be a star that can be mine and motivating me at all steps in life . At that time, we live in the small house and we had only a motorcycle for my father to work.

But literally we didn’t have any complaining bout our life and still be grateful. My father always taught me how to be strong and push me all the way down so I can burst to reach the top. If I want toys, I had to be in first rank in my class in elementary school. If I didn’t get it, then I had to build my own car toys from fruit skin.

I sometimes look at the window and hoping that there is one star motivating me up and give me some advices so I can never get lost in some looses. Now I know… Mom didn’t even said it as real star…

Now I realize that the only star of my life has come and give me everything I need. :). God has a decent plan on me, a big plan… This is it…

The complete star ever in my dark skies, the one that will give me courages and motivation. The one that will stay forever and brighten my day.



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