For You.. Diana Sofyan

You come and knock my heart’s door… I just can’t imagine how angel looks like…, you’re smiling… you said that you’ll be the one that will heal all my sadness and hurt, but please, I don’t feel that I ever felt hurt before coz your eyes enlighten me up. 

In an open fly, in another silent night, I would love you like I never love before… but it’s true, I didn’t feel any of love in the world since you take my hand and run all over the ocean of life.

There are things that simply show you the truth without questions… and for me, there is one thing that make me fall and I just want to feel the drop anywhere and anytime, it’s you. My intuition calls me to pray and hoping so much that one will save me from the sorrow. 

And you just came…

You show me that there is love that you don’t have to fight over coz love will choose you… love will find you and love will keep you from the wrong direction. I see my future in your eyes, I know you’ll be the one that will see me old before die. All the love in the world have been truly gathered here in my heart to love you forever. I know that I can be the one coz you deserved all my heart…

Kind, beautiful, cute and sexy in a time…

My Diana Sofyan…



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