Shed my tears

You know what am I gonna do when I feel sad? I just lock myself into my room, sometimes I punched the wall several times or scream out loud. Is it making me feel okay? No… not at all.
Well, it is what it is, I can’t hold myself for not doing it. It’s my inability, well… I’m not perfect. I don’t know what to do coz sometimes I lose control of myself.

I feel like I need a phsychiatrist, I need to be in theraphy or an anger management. I’ve joint some martial arts who promised me that they can give me the ways, but they can’t. I’m very dangerous with my anger power. Maybe like Hulk, it’s beyond my sober.

Please if anyone has a contact of a phsychiatrist, let me know. I’ve had mental disturbness. I just don’t want to die young of heart attack and stroke. I love Diana and I don’t want to leave her from this world so soon!



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