Old Same Story

Yet there, I thought we’re gonna be fine with everything. We don’t have anything and we survived from it. Now, we got everything but we forgot the union as one big family.
I miss the time when dad used to take me go to the sea, fishing all day, cooking ’em in an unknown island. I miss the time when mom used to bake me a cake, she was a great baker and cooker.
Now they’re gone and even worst when we got new members from my two brothers marriage. Their wives seem to be hating my mom so much. My oldest brother had only got busy with him only and girls.
My dad gave everything to my brothers, but how about me and my sister? It’s like being dumped by my own family.
Lucky me, I’m getting my own marriage soon. I know I don’t have everything right now, but I know I will do something about it.
Promise made to be broke, dad, as you forgot all that you’ve done to me.
Ya Allah, I’ve shouldn’t say that, but I’m hurt here. We grew when can’t get anything, but now we forgot that we had everything.


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