Sixth Month

Were this sixth month the best month? It is December, last month on a year. This month is not the best month, coz they were best months to be with my Vanilla. I’ve got a crush on her, hoping so much that I could marry her soon.

My journey blog to her place didn’t upload yet coz I need to write something special bout it, must becareful to choose the right words.

Usually, I don’t do such a girl’s name mention in my blog, but this one is driving me crazy. Our relationship is going better and better even I always make bails and faults. She’s happy to be with me and I’m happy to be with her, what could more than that?

I’m lucky to have a place in her heart, but can I be the best ever after? I hope so… I’m praying and trying.

This short blog usually be hidden, but now I want to show people how much I’m happy :). She is… Diana, my Vanilla :).


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