2 months for Ever


Maybe this is the first I write bout my current love life. Yet, I met this girl in my master class degree of notary in University of Indonesia. I didn’t speak that much, I even knew her just in last second semester. Let’s just call her, Vanilla. I smell her Vanilla perfume and that stick in my head from first to last :).

She’s a soft-heartened-woman, for what I seen. This Vanilla was born in September 4, 1986, it means she had the same zodiac as me, she’s a Virgo.

We promised to keep each other since 2 months ago, July 6, 2011, after we had an exam of company law lecture. She’s quite a smart woman with some great grade points! I don’t “-___-. I know that maybe this is too fast for me or her, to accepting all ourselves and keeping for the future. But I know that I’m sure she’s the one last. I’m so in love and I don’t want this to fail us. We are a different person, different kind of past and hobbies. But I don’t even care, she’s comforting me. She is!

In this Ramadhan, I pray a lot, to ask Allah… To make this relationship easier and until we get married :).

I have this purpose… I will keep it… I love her so much, My Vanilla in June :).



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