Family Man


Today is a holiday that I really need to get some rest. But father suddenly asked me to accompany him to go swim. I’d rather do some dry exercises or running when I got flu like this.

But you know what, I don’t have a choice, I can’t choose a think since I was in highschool. Music band is restricted, because I dropped out from the highschool and have to transferred to another. But how about my life? I always answer the fails with some succeeds, for an example, I went to a state agriculture Institute. Here in Indonesia, went to a state university or institute is an exclusive thing.

Then I fail again and I have to resign myself rather than dropped out. I follow the rule after that, I seem being my father’s son. He gives me courage and spirit to go on life. He is the best in it. But does he ever know what I want?

Now as he dreamed for, I went to University Indonesia majoring Notary Public, but this time I enjoyed the show coz I like law. But as the same unknown reason, he always counts on me on everything. Just like now, wherever he wants to go, I have to be ready. His other sons, my brothers, seem don’t even care on this. That’s why when I said I can’t, once, he felt disappointed and everyone seems blame on me.

I remembered when he got a heart attack, there’s only me who fastly take an action while everyone is nervous. I drove fast to a hospital… Me… Just myself with him. Then after that, I must wait him two days without everyone subs my duty. Mom offered herself to sub and told me to got home, but I can’t see mom wait for a long time and sleeping on the floor! My brothers… How can you all didn’t have your hearts?

Well… It is only a past and I know that I’m everything in this family. Mom and Dad have been always count on me, and they deserve my serve. Here, I’m praying a lot that someday I’ll get a woman who can stand besides me and be my partner in this “hero” thing. Once again… I can’t give up, I have my own war but family is the important thing. I can do this, as always :), because I AM NUMBER ONE…


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